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High Fidelity

A black and white photo shows an open, well-organized vinyl record collection in the corner of an apartment office space. Posters hang on wall shelves behind. A stack of classic rock vinyl records is visible next to a turntable playing music. Natural light comes through the window panes. In front, a closeup view inside a plastic and cardboard box filled with musical notes captures the atmosphere of listening to music at home. A black and white photo of an older man sitting at his desk in the corner, reading a magazine with some photos on it while looking down from above. A young woman stands next to him wearing jeans and her back is turned away from us showing off her hair. The scene takes place inside what looks like a coffee shop or art gallery. There's a window behind them overlooking city streets. Black and white photo of an elderly man with gray hair, wearing jeans standing behind the counter in his record shop holding up some vinyl records to show them off for the camera, posters hanging all over the walls, a pyramid shaped statue made out of black plastic sitting next to him on a shelf. A black and white photo of an emotional man in his mid-30s holding up the limited edition packaging for vinyl records. He is standing inside a small home office with shelves full of books and records. He has glasses on and wears jeans and a jacket. He's looking down at the package as if it was something amazing to him. There are many beautiful details and items around him. Close up of a record player in black and white, vinyl records on the table, blurry background, shallow depth of field with shallow focus. A black and white photograph of vinyl records in plastic boxes with the text "MIол_INT Boiler Room" written on them, sitting next to each other at an angle under window light, view from above looking down through ceiling, with large windows showing an outside street A black and white photo of an old record box set. The view from the entrance of a record store, captured in black and white. In front is my desk with various items on it, containing stationery boxes with records,  and framed pictures hanging on the walls behind. This scene reflects everyday life at work, conveying minimalism and simplicity. A man is standing in front of an old record store. He is holding some vinyl records and looking at them while the shopkeeper has his hands on one of the vinyl records. There are many picture frames hanging above him. A few boxes with products sit next to each other on shelves behind him. A black and white photo of an old man in his mid50s standing inside the door frame, he is opening up some vinyl records on top of boxes filled with rock n roll posters. The room has a window at one end that lightens part of it while behind him there's another wall covered by rock n'roll posters. He wears glasses, dark pants and shoes, short hair, white tshirt. Shot from eye level, wideangle lens. black and white photo of a women in her mid-60s standing inside the vinyl record store, holding up a vintage silver box. She is wearing jeans, glasses and has short grey hair. The interior contains lots of posters on the walls, some plastic boxes full of black colored vinyl records, some cardboard typography boxes filled with purple and red colored vinyl records. A black and white photo of an older man standing in the corner, arms crossed looking at the camera, wearing glasses, a sweater with a scarf around his neck, in a record store. A black and white photo of an all black coffee mug, next to it is one silver spoon with round head and long handle, and behind them in background there's also some other kitchen utensils, shot from a low angle. The scene takes place inside an office.

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