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Jenny Part 2


A woman with blue hair poses for the camera against a bright blue background. She wears an oversized metallic jacket. The jacket is sleek and shiny, reflecting light to highlight its texture and sheen. She has her head tilted slightly forward, looking at the viewer with one eye closed, giving off a cool and confident vibe. Her posture exudes confidence and style as if ready for action or fashion show, with focus on her face. Full body studio photo of a woman with blue hair and bangs, sitting on the floor against a light background. She is wearing black tights and a silver jacket. Blue lighting. A woman with long black hair wearing an all-black leather jacket, seen from behind in front of blue light and a white circle, full body shot, photography, high resolution, hyper realistic, in the style of a fashion magazine. Photo of an attractive woman with blue hair and bangs, wearing a black leather jacket, standing in front of a white wall with blue light on the side, facing the camera, studio photography, cinematic lighting, high contrast, sharp focus, shallow depth of field, vibrant colors, natural features. A fashion photo of the designer wearing an oversized silver metallic jacket with high-waisted black shorts, blue hair styled in sleek bangs and a straight long bob hairstyle, posing against a backdrop of a large circular light, studio lighting creating soft shadows with low contrast and vibrant colors,

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