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full body portrait of a beautiful woman with black hair sitting on a dark green couch, facing front towards the camera, with studio lighting, a New York sign on the wall behind her, on a white wallpaper background, wearing high heels and a short dress. A photo of an attractive couple sitting on the couch, wearing black heels and jeans, with their feet up on the armrests, and two empty wooden signs hanging above them. The room has white wallpaper and a dark green velvet sofa. A photo of an average man sitting on the couch with his head tilted back and eyes closed, floating in midair above him are three small wooden signs. The room has a dark green velvet sofa against a white patterned wallpaper, wood floor. A photograph of an attractive woman wearing black high heels, standing in front of the couch on a wallpaper background. The photo captures her  showcasing her elegant legs and shoes. A photograph of an attractive woman in her early thirties, wearing a black dress and standing with her hands on her hips while looking to the side. She has long dark hair that is tied back into a low ponytail. The background is white walls. Photograph of a man in his mid-30s, with short brown hair and mustache, wearing jeans and an unbuttoned blue t-shirt sitting on the green velvet sofa against the wall with wallpaper pattern "New York". He is holding a cigarette between his fingers. The room has wooden floors and ceiling and white vintage tiles. A photo of an attractive woman sitting on the couch, wearing black heels and a short dress. The background is a vintage wallpaper with 'written in script across it. She has long curly hair and poses elegantly for her portrait.

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