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Photo of an adult Nordic man with short hair and facial stubble wearing a white t-shirt, standing in the kitchen of a modern Scandinavian restaurant looking to his left side while talking, one arm hanging down by his side, a black pendant necklace around his neckline, his left bicep has a small tattoo of interlacing triangles, Photo of portrait man, short hair and blonde beard, in a white t-shirt with a black collar, slightly smiling, wearing green earplugs around his neck, standing inside an industrial kitchen in the background with natural light. A barista holding up a white coffee cup with the logo of HEILANDT printed on it. The shot shows only his hand holding the mug while he stands in front of an out of focus espresso machine in a kitchen, his tattooed arm is visible with no sleeves. The overall mood is warm and inviting with a shallow depth of field and natural light.

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Heilandt 1

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