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Jenny Part 3


A portrait of a happy woman with blue hair and bangs, sitting on an Eames chair in the style of award winning studio photography. A photo of a young woman with blue hair, bangs and fringe posing in a silver jacket for the camera on a white background A professional photo of a woman with blue hair and bangs, sitting at a table, wearing a silver jacket with a white background, white floor, and white wall, with high resolution and studio lighting. She is looking at the camera in a portrait style. A studio portrait of an attractive woman with blue hair and bangs, wearing silver jacket sitting at white table, white background, soft light. photography, blue hair woman with silver jacket sitting at the table, white background, studio light, looking to side, blue and black color theme, portrait photography, perfect face features, blue straight bob hairstyle, hair is in front of her head, hands under chin, white reflections A profile photo of an average woman with blue hair, bangs and hand on chin, white background, high resolution photography, professional color grading, soft shadows, no contrast, clean sharp focus, magazine photography style

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