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Lea // studio tests

A black and white portrait of an urban woman with ear piercings, looking straight ahead at the camera, against a dark background. The focus is on her face and upper body, capturing intricate details like skin texture and eye expression. This studio photograph highlights the contrast between light and shadow around her head, creating visual interest without any additional objects or elements. A black and white studio portrait of an average woman with short hair sitting on chair, dressed in all dark , hands folded across her chest, head slightly tilted down, looking at the camera, isolated against a solid background. The lighting is soft yet dramatic, highlighting shadows that add depth to his features. He's standing in front of a plain backdrop, which enhances focus on him while gently blurring out everything else around. Black and white portrait of a young woman in a black sweater with a scarf on a dark background, in the minimalist style, in a studio shot, as a closeup, with soft light, high resolution photography, with high quality details.

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