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japanese colors in a foreign country

A dense forest with tall trees and colorful leaves, autumn photography, high definition photography, National Geographic photo style, vertical composition, rule of thirds composition, morning light, red tone, dappled sunlight through the branches, leaves on the ground. A dense forest of red and brown trees, the ground covered with fallen leaves. The trees have no green leaves left on them, creating an atmosphere of autumn. The leaves on the tree branches droop down, and they all show signs that it is time to go into winter. Autumn forest, autumn leaves, red and pink foliage, black trees, autumn photography, wide angle shot, dark, low light, natural lighting, dappled sunlight. Leaves of different colors floating on water, red and purple leaves, black background, dark mood, cinematic photography, low angle shot, top view, A path through the woods, covered in red leaves, with trees on both sides of the road having dark green foliage and some pink highlights, the sky is dark with sunlight breaking through the branches, shot from eye level.

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the red forest with silver trees pt. 1

the red forest with silver trees pt. 2

the deep

golden distractions

straight and narrow

confusion and surprise