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An experimental portrait series of the beautiful Sina shot in my studio

A black and white photograph of an abstract female form, illuminated by dynamic light rays that create swirls around her head like smoke or fog. The background is solid black to highlight the subject. This image evokes mystery and movement in monochrome artistry. A mysterious figure made of light, with long hair and wearing an elegant robe is seen in silhouette against the black background. The white lines form intricate patterns that resemble flowing fabric or smoke. It creates a sense of mystery and intrigue around its presence. This visual representation adds depth to your concept of women's veil and evokes emotions like wonder, curiosity, and romanticism. A full body photograph of a woman made out of light, with white light swirls and waves flowing in her hair against a black background, creating a black silhouette. A long exposure photograph in the style of light and movement.

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Silver ONE

Silver TWO

Silver THREE

Silver FOUR

Silver FIVE

Silver SIX

Silver SEVEN

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