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The Garage

Two mechanics standing in the garage, full body shot, tools on the ground, black and white photography A closeup of a black and white air compressor in an auto shop, with various tools scattered around it. The focus is on one side where some oil can be seen, which adds to its simplicity. A black and white photo of the portrait, showing an attractive woman in her late thirties with shoulder-length blonde hair wearing glasses smiling while standing next to some tools on shelves behind at a street bike shop. She is dressed casually but smartly for work. Black and white portrait of a smiling man in his thirties, wearing black sports with short hair. A black and white portrait of an attractive man in his mid-30s with short hair, wearing work from the car industry. He is standing next to two other men at an auto body shop, smiling for the camera. In the background there are people working on cars.

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